In experimental particle physics, we investigate the elementary building blocks of nature and their interactions in large-scale international projects.

Research in experimental particle physics at KIT is characterized by the international large-scale projects CMS at CERN and Belle II at KEK in Japan. We are also involved in the planning for future large particle physics experiments as well as in planned smaller experiments such as LUXE or SHADOWS.

The course program in the subject area Experimental Particle Physics starts with the course Particle Physics I, a broad introduction to the current state of particle physics from an experimental point of view. In addition, we offer a variety of opportunities for specialization and profile building, from detector construction to data science:

  • The courses in the Particle Physics II series delve into topics such as flavor physics, Higgs physics, or physics beyond the Standard Model and address recent physical and methodological developments in these fields.
  • We also offer a series of courses on technologies and methods relevant to experimental particle physics. These include modern methods of data analysis and machine learning, accelerators, particle detectors, quantum sensors, and electronics. These courses are also relevant to the neighboring subject area of Experimental Astroparticle Physics.
  • In the advanced seminar you will work deeply into a current research topic in experimental particle physics and give a talk on it.

The exercises accompanying the courses provide the practical relevance: in exercises on the computer or on experiments, paper seminars and short projects you will optimally prepare for a master thesis in one of the working groups of experimental particle physics.