Why physics?

Physics is the cornerstone of all natural sciences and indispensable for understanding our modern society. Physicists study nature  from subatomic scales all the way to the entire observable universe. They investigate individual photons or protons, quantum phenomena on human scales, and entire galaxies. Geophysicists and meteorologists uncover the dynamics and climate of our planet.

The main reason to study physics, meteorology, or geophysics is your curiosity about how the world works. As you explore these topics, you will acquire skills that are in high demand by a variety of employers.

Why at KIT?

At the KIT physics department, you will find an extraordinarily broad range of scientific topics investigated  by outstanding scientists. Unique for the German university landscape is the close combination of university education and research done in large-scale facilities of the Helmholtz Association. The department is located in a compact campus in the center of the city, in the immediate vicinity of Karlsruhe Palace, and is therefore easy to reach. Several large-scale experiments are located at the nearby Campus North of KIT.