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Welcome to the department of physics of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany.

Current image:
The picture shows the adjustment of an FG5 absolute gravimeter of EOST (École et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre, Strasbourg) for a temporary recording at Black Forest Observatory (BFO) . Recurring observations of absolute gravity with an accuracy of a few microgal (0.002 ppm) complement the long period continuous recordings at BFO. (Geophysical Institute)

Talks this week

14.12.2018   Physikalisches Kolloquium
Ioan Pop, KIT
»The quest for the quantum transistor: Can superconducting circuits offer the solution?«
Introduction: A. Ustinov
15:45 Uhr, Otto-Lehmann-Hörsaal, Physik-Flachbau


Job Opening for a Professorship in Theoretical Particle Physics

The Department of Physics at KIT, as part of the Physics and Mathematics Division, invites applications for a Professorship (W3) in Theoretical Particle Physics at the Institute for Theoretical Physics (successor of Prof. Dr. Dieter Zeppenfeld).
KIT provides an excellent environment for research in particle physics. We are looking for an outstanding scientist working in the area of particle physics phenomenology, broadly defined. We are particularly interested in a scientist whose research focuses on collider physics, precision calculations, physics beyond the Standard Model or flavour physics.